Choosing Gratitude 12

30 days of thanksgiving:

111. Space heaters

112. Music

113. Powerpoint software

114. Presentation projector

115. Kindle

116. Gifted women authors

117. Volunteers at LEI

118. God’s calling of workers into His harvest field

119. God’s guidance for college students

120. The prayers of a child of God for another child of God

Choosing Gratitude 11

Romans 5:1-11

30 days of thanksgiving:

101. Justification

102. The gift of faith

103. Access to God

104. Grace

105. Hope

106. God’s glory

107. Sufferings

108. The Holy Spirit

109. Salvation from the wrath of God

110. Reconciliation with God

Choosing Gratitude 10

Absent Blessings – things that the Lord has spared me from

30 days of thanksgiving:

91. Not experienced the death of a parent

92. Not experienced the death of a sibling

93. Never been without food

94. Never been without water

95. Never lacked clothing

96. Never lacked shelter

97. Never lacked employment

98. Never experienced physical persecution for my faith

99. Never had my heart broken by a guy

100. Never had severe physical affliction

Though I have not had much affliction in my life, I pray that that will not keep me from pursuing my Savior fervently. I am challenged by those who are severely afflicted yet intensely secure in the Lord. I want to be prepared for affliction if/when it comes by storing up treasures of truth in my heart during happy times. Help me, Lord.

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Do You Realize?

“Were you a likely candidate for salvation?  Yet didn’t God save you?  And while he may have used some human instrument, don’t you see that he would have saved you with or without any instrument?  And haven’t you seen other ‘impossible’ brothers and sisters delivered likewise by the incredible power of the invisible God?

Do you realize from whence you came?  You were in the grip of hell.  Demons had wrapped their chains about you.  The god of this world had blinded your understanding.  Yet God struck off your chains and the face of Christ illumined your soul.  The damned around you are no more damned than you were, their chains no thicker, their darkness no deeper.  Nor is the power of Christ to save them one whit less.”

John White, The Golden Cow (Downers Grove, 1979), pages 151-152.

Disclaimer: Just because I post a link here does not mean that I endorse everything contained on the respective site. I post links to specific content that I find interesting, but please use discernment in all internet browsing!

Choosing Gratitude 9

30 days of thanksgiving:

81. One-on-one times of fellowship with sisters in Christ

82. The United States Postal Service

83. Homeschooling families

84. Parents who adopt children to the glory of God

85. Poetry that magnifies the Lord

86. Smiles

87. Laughter

88. Google

89. Trial versions of computer programs

90. E-mail

Choosing Gratitude 8

James 4

30 days of thanksgiving:

71. The fact that God’s Word so accurately describes the human condition and daily struggles

72. The apparent work of the Holy Spirit in guiding what passage of Scripture I end up reading on a given day, as it often ends up being exactly what I needed at that time

73. The fact that God’s Word describes not only the problem but the glorious solution

74. Bible-study aids that help to dig deep into the meaning of the passage

75. Those who have diligently studied God as revealed through His Word and written down their findings to be of benefit to others

76. Space-heater

77. Regular job at a local bookstore

78. New spiritual eyes

79. Glasses to improve my physical sight

80. Being required to learn ten-finger typing during my school days, a great benefit to me now

Choosing Gratitude 7

Luke 17: 11-15

Lessons from the grateful healed leper: (pgs. 180-181)

1. He came loudly to thank Jesus – May our giving of thanks be as obvious and expressive as our sharing of needs!

2. He came close to thank Jesus – We never get any closer to Jesus than when we come with humble gratitude.

30 days of thanksgiving:

61. The reality that God stooped very low to rescue me from sin

62. The reality that God lifted me up to live in Him and not die in my sin

63. The reality that God will complete the work He has begun in me

64. Faithful brothers and sisters laboring for the Lord in faraway lands

65. Fellowship with brothers and sisters from Africa and Asia who come to Tulsa in the summertime

66. Hospitable hearts expressed in invitations to faraway lands

67. Comradery for the sake of the Gospel

68. Long skirts

69. Scented candles

70. 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner